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Bühler AG

Automating process equipment configuration

Bühler AG in Uzwil, Switzerland is a specialist and technology partner for plant, equipment, and related services for food processing and materials manufacturing. Using Design++, the Grain Milling business unit developed Equipment Configurator (EqC) to replace a paper-based process that relied on the knowledge of the designers.

Equipment Configurator provides the following benefits. It

Equipment Configurator captures engineering knowledge into Design++ rules that drive the configuration. Bühler has already captured configuration rules for the 120 most important machine types.

The tool includes also functions to assemble AutoCAD blocks into AutoPLANT, add nozzle information, and convert the assembly into a 3D AutoPLANT Equipment model.

Developed for $200,000, Equipment Configurator reduces the time to configure machines by one half. Configuring 5,000 machines per year, the total savings are significant.

Endorsed by Bentley

Bentley Systems highlights Bühler's use of Design++ in developing Equipment Configurator as one of the Innovations in Process Manufacturing in its The Year in Infrastructure 2011 publication.