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Design Power is dedicated to bringing to a larger audience the power of knowledge-based engineering through Design++®, which lets users capture their engineering and design knowledge for automatic re-use, thus making the computer an active part of the design process rather than a passive tool.

Capture Your Product Knowledge for Automatic Reuse

Design++ is a knowledge-based engineering platform that significantly simplifies the capture of in-house engineering expertise and integration of legacy systems into design automation and product configuration solutions that boost productivity, improve quality, accelerate delivery, and create sustainable competitive advantage.

Design++ is used for automating design and engineering processes for products and systems as diversified as electrical systems, capital equipment, building structures, and process plants. It has an over 20-year history of supporting high-value design automation and product configuration applications at companies such as Baker Hughes, Bühler AG, Cornerstone Building Brands, and Fluor Corporation. Design++ is also the foundation for a commercial end-user application product for conceptual plant design: Bentley PlantWise.

Design++ provides a stable and proven design automation infrastructure that allows the application development team to focus on product and process rules rather than software technology, resulting in faster deployment and lower cost. The results: 70 percent reduction in project effort, significantly enhancing the probability of project success.

About Design Power

Sample mill building configured by Buhler's Design++-based Equipment Configurator
NCI Building Systems uses Design++ to engineer and detail over 7000 buildings annually

Design Power is a Silicon Valley technology company focused on further development of Design++ and related application opportunities. The company principals have worked with Design++ and numerous CAD systems to develop custom design automation solutions for over 20 years.