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Configuration of schematic drawings
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Baker Hughes (formerly General Electric Oil & Gas)

Configurator creates P&IDs automatically to match product options

Baker Hughes - Nuovo Pignone in Florence, Italy is a leading supplier of compressors and turbines to the oil and gas industry. Each compressor and turbine is delivered with a large number of custom options. Using conventional methods, the generation of P&IDs and schematic documents for the associated electric, control, cooling, hydraulic, and other auxiliary systems can take up to six weeks for each proposal and delivery.

A GE Compressor Using Design Power Design++® platform Baker Hughes created "Super Drawings" for each drawing type that automatically configure themselves to match customer-selected options. This reduced the turnaround time for complete drawing sets from weeks to minutes with the following obvious benefits:

Detail of automatically created P&ID Baker Hughes named this application the "P&ID Configurator."

"The biggest value is that we really are addressing the 'cost of failure' with the Design++ based P&ID Configurator. With it we're realizing savings in hours, cost of sales, and most importantly: the high quality and consistency reduces our warranty exposure."

-Stefano Meucci, Engineering Manager

"We tried with limited success to create the P&ID Configurator with other tools. Design++ made it easy, it has no limits. Anything I can conceive of, and express, can be incorporated in the system."

-Sandro Migliorini, System Design Engineer